The beginnings

Construction on the Milan Cathedral began in the 14th and ended in the 19th century. Upon entering you are greeted by marble art from all sides. Looking down at your feet you can marvel at the intricately carved and inlaid paving. Since constructions at the time easily spanned decades, it was perfectly normal for stone cutters and coaters to work long years creating and cutting those unique designs and patterns.

In our fast-moving world, where today’s order really needs to have been completed yesterday, there is still supply and demand of and for new and unique stone pattern designs. These are not made using hand carving techniques anymore as we have moved into the realm of technological procedures. Waterjet cutting is one of these technologies. Inspired by the past and modern-day solutions, the founders of Woldem Kft. stepped into this industrial sector in 1996.

Committed to industrial service

It became clear that the technology itself is not only suited for cutting stone but can deliver precision work with any sheet material. Surprisingly, the industrial usages far outweigh the usages found in the construction industry. Waterjet cutting is particularly well suited in situations where other technologies fall short. Its greatest advantage is that it relies on a cold-water stream that enables it to cut any material.

Delivering today’s order yesterday is still just beyond our grasp, but we endeavour to complete orders as speedily as possible. Our company aims to offer services beyond waterjet cutting like procuring materials or even organizing additional work such as drilling, milling, polishing etc. and delivery of completed parts. Our engineering and technical staff can work with finished drafts as well as offer consultation and input on feasible technical solutions, taking your ideas and making them reality.